Accessing Midwives after Birth

Following your birth and prior to being discharged from hospital, you will be linked into the Midwives in The Home program (MITH). The MITH midwives will visit you at home and are available on the phone for the first week or so after birth. You can also speak with the Maternity Unit Midwives in the days following birth. 

After about two weeks you will be referred on to the Child and Family Nurses/Midwives who work at the Community Health Centre.  They do a home visit to all women within the first two weeks after birth and you can continue visiting them at the Community Health Centre as needed after that.

MITH Midwives

Evidence shows us that it is in the best interest of the mother and baby to return to the home environment with continued support as soon as is practical after the birth

The Midwives in The Home (MITH) program offers a daily service with visits from a midwife in your home up till day 6 after birth subject to availability.

Bathurst Maternity Unit 24 hour service

02 6330 5210

Community Midwife 8.30am to 4.30pm

0428 699 936

Child & Family Health Nurses

The Community Health Centre is located at Bathurst Base Hospital on level 3. The clinic provides a range of free services to all age groups in the Bathurst Community including Child and Family Health. They offer breastfeeding support, parent support groups, child immunisations and many other services.

02 6330 5677

General Practice Midwives

There are midwives working in some General Practices in Bathurst who will be able to offer you breastfeeding and general support in the early postnatal period.

Ask your GP if there is a midwife at your General Practice or check out their website for more information.

MGP Midwives

If you have been cared for in pregnancy and birth by the Midwifery Group Program, the same midwives will provide you with postnatal care. 

After 6 weeks, you will be referred back to your GP and/or the Child and Family Nurses/Midwives.  

02 63305400